Lighting design – References from project partners


Wilco van Oosten

Architect-Partner Inbo, Amsterdam

Together with Paulo van Cuijck we have worked on the central staircases of two residential buildings. The original appearance did not do justice to the location. Thanks to Paulo’s lighting plan the illuminated stairs paint a powerful and attractive picture at night. On top of that, the atmosphere in the staircases is now pleasant. Cooperation with Paulo is nice and direct. He knows what he is talking about and has a well developed sense of what lighting can do. Furthermore, he is pragmatic, has a hands-on mentality and is a good communicator.


Robin Kerssens

Architect & Owner Architectenbureau Robin Kerssens, Amsterdam

Paulo and I have worked together on two projects in monumental buildings. Both had abundant historic elements, but minimal daylight. In a harmonious cooperation we succeeded to bring these elements back to life. Paulo has the ability to tell an almost poetic story with his lighting plan. He knows how to transform that plan into an implemented project with achievable next steps and a driven tenacity. Not unimportant is the fact that Paulo is a nice guy to work with. He understands the people with whom he collaborates.


Femke van de Voort

Designer & Owner FEM Architects, Amsterdam

Paulo combines a good sense of space with a great technical knowledge. As an architect I like the fact that he thinks about esthetics as well as advising about the many technical aspects of lighting. He makes lighting designs that complement and strenghten an interior design. The results are remarkable, nice spaces.


Casper van der Stelt

Interior Architect & Owner Stelt Design, Utrecht

With Paulo and Spot On we have achieved muliple projects. Whether it is an office or a hotel or a lawyer’s firm, we can always rely on his expertise, his well considered and ingeneous light designs and his choice of fixtures. We love his flexibility and his aspiration to get the best result in every situation.


Emiel Lamers

Architect & Owner Emiel Lamers Architectures, Amsterdam

Paulo van Cuijck is a very creative lighting designer who translates the wishes of the client in a clever way to an original lighting concept. it was a pleasure working with him.


Lennart van der Sman

Production & Promotion Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds, Amsterdam

The lighting in our office was insufficient, particularly in the winter time. It was a nuisance during our work and inapt for the concerts that we organize. SPOT ON’s  new lighting design has accentuated the historic details in this listed building and also given the office the right qulaity of light and atmosphere. The NMF-office is now ready to welcome musicians and visitors again.


Maarten Dirksen

CEO Basic Orange, Amsterdam

Paulo has realized a striking and effective lighting installation within our office in a short time. This gives the space a more professional look. Paulo is both creative and hands-on, a very pleasant person to work with.


Nathalie van Loon

Project manager & Quarter master, House owner

Paulo will find a perfect match for you, for your space, your taste and your budget. He came up with a wonderful lighting design for our self-built house: exceptional, eco-friendly and wonderful to live and work in. I highly recommend him.