Restaurant Nazka sparkles

Interior and façade lighting

Peruvian restaurant Nazka is a gourmet hotspot in Amsterdam. Eye-catcher in its interior is a 3d printed wall of bio-based material which is placed in between guests and kitchen. Its semi-open structure filters light and sound and offers transparency or, conversely, seclusion from different angles in the room. Spot On created a dynamic lighting design for the screen with two alternating layers of light, controlled by app.

Soft grazing light to the front of the screen emphasises its relief and spaciousness, accent lighting from behind brings sparkle and depth. A random-looking programming and slow transitions create a surprising, subtle play of light.

The ambiance in restaurant Nazka is enhanced with lighting contrasts. Warm accent light gives a soft sparkle on the tables, while the periphery remains in shadow. This gives Nazka an intimate atmosphere.

Nazka’s interior and screen were designed by Studio Michiel Wijnen en Roos Meeder.

Façade lighting restaurant Nazka

To make the dark façade stand out in the street scene at night, we chose to emphasise the window openings with light effect fixtures. These frame the windows graphically and make Nazka a sparkling eye-catcher in the area.