Foreestenhuis Hoorn

Lighting design heritage facade

The Foreestenhuis is a listed building in the city of Hoorn. The manor house has a monumental stone facade from 1724 and a cornice with statues of Venus, Diana, Athene and Mars. The lighting design emphasises the architectural value of the building at night.

The characteristic image of the Louis XIV façade is enhanced by accentuating its monumental elements with light:

7 bays wide natural stone

cornice with balustrade and sculptures

entrance platform

balcony railing with monogram

Pavement fences: pillars with carved crowning

The framework for the lighting design was strict: conformity to the municipal lighting regulations, no mounting on the façade and no pole top luminaires in the public space. This was met by situating luminaires on rooftops of opposite buildings and behind the plinth of the fences of the building itself:

The brightness is adapted to the character of the environment. Because this is dark and quiet, the lighting intensity is low. For tranquility and unity, only white light is used: surface-mounted luminaires with neutral white light (4000K) for the façade itself, spotlights with narrow or elliptical beams of warm light (3000K) for ornamentation. The colour of surface-mounted luminaires matches the façade to which they are attached. From a sustainability point of view, only energy-efficient LED lamps have been proposed. The maximum consumption of the installation is 154W.

The lighting design shows that the façade could be gently and attractively illuminated within these constraints. Unfortunately, as a result of the Corona outbreak, the project was no longer financially viable and could not be carried out.