Ethos & Approach

Spot On is a architectural Lighting Design studio based in Amsterdam.  We enhance people’s lives by elevating the ordinary through light, to bring character, beauty & joy to spaces. Our unique design approach is informed by the playfulness of natural light and the techniques of cinema. We see things in a way that other people don’t and creatively apply our knowledge to produce quietly dramatic scenes & settings.

Our mantra is that Specialist Lighting Design is not solely the preserve of large value, or luxury projects; we focus on creating something special with minimal intervention. And we ensure that light and architecture are combined optimally.



Referenties Wilco van Oosten

Paulo has expert knowledge and a well-developed feeling for what light can do. At the same time, he is pragmatic, hands-on and communicative.

Wilco van Oosten

Referenties Robin Kerssens

Paulo has the ability to tell an almost poetic story with his lighting plan. He knows how to transform that plan into an implemented project with achievable next steps and a driven tenacity.

Robin Kerssens

Referenties Femke van de Voort

Paulo combines a good sense of space with a great technical knowledge. He makes lighting designs that complement and strengthen an interior design. The results are remarkable, nice spaces.

Femke van de Voort

Referenties Casper van der Stelt

We can always rely on Paulo’s technical knowledge, his thoughtful lighting design and his choice of luminaires. What appeals to us is his flexible attitude and striving for the best end result in any situation.

Casper van der Stelt

Referenties Emiel Lamers

Paulo van Cuijck is a very creative lighting designer who translates the wishes of the client in a clever way to an original lighting concept. it was a pleasure working with him.

Emiel Lamers

Referenties Lennart van der Sman

Spot On’s new lighting design has accentuated the historic details in our heritage building and also given the office the right quality of light and atmosphere.

Lennart van der Sman

Referenties Maarten Dirksen

Paulo has realized a striking and effective lighting installation within our office in a short time. This gives the space a more professional look. Paulo is both creative and hands-on, a very pleasant person to work with.

Maarten Dirksen

Referenties Nathalie van Loon

Paulo will find a perfect match for you, for your space, your taste and your budget. He came up with a wonderful lighting design for our self-built house: exceptional, eco-friendly and wonderful to live and work in. I highly recommend him.

Nathalie van Loon

Hello, my name is Paulo van Cuijck,

architectural lighting designer & principal of Spot On Lichtontwerp in Amsterdam. We focus on creating something special with minimal intervention.  We’re driven by our ethos to elevate people’s lives through elevating the ordinary, which we do by visually enhancing spaces. This we achieve by employing lighting techniques inspired by the playfulness of natural light and the use of light in films.”

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